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With Irvin Rigsby PLC, you and your business and financial interests get legal representation from experienced attorneys with professional business credentials. You can depend on us to help you create, organize, maintain, buy, and sell businesses or financial interests with unique attention to federal, state, and local tax ramifications. Keep your Kentucky business and financial interests secure and vibrant with legal counsel from Irvin Rigsby PLC.

Since 1996, we have combined our legal and financial knowledge to meet the needs of business people throughout Kentucky. We also use our nationwide network of legal and financial relationships to serve clients across America.

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Irvin Rigsby PLC—attorneys who speak the languages required for your success—law, finance and business.

Your legal, business and financial interests are unique. Never settle for legal services from counsel who cannot understand and appreciate the financial and business issues as well as the legal ones. Consult with attorneys capable of adding to the quality of your business and financial interests. Call Irvin Rigsby PLC  at 859-233-4633 in Lexington, Kentucky, 0r at 859-887-1200 in Nicholasville, KY,  or open a dialogue with our contact page. Do it today. Your business and financial interests deserve our attention.

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