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Experienced attorneys articulate in the language of business

Today’s business, financial, and legal environments create complexities that require competent business, financial, and legal counsel.  The challenge to maintain the health and growth of business or other financial undertakings requires a substantial commitment in terms of personal initiative, planning, and compliance.

In response to these challenges, Irvin Rigsby PLC was created to bring together a multitasking team of business attorneys with a broad range of practical experience to provide such qualified advice and counsel. To assist you with your specific legal, business and financial needs, Irvin Rigsby PLC concentrates on—


Particular qualifications for particular clients

Our counsel is effective because we have devoted our working lives to helping people solve business and financial problems. For instance, some professionals in our firm have not only been trained as lawyers but have also been schooled and experienced in areas of finance and business, including accounting and business administration.

We understand the delicate delineation between law, on the one side, and business and finance, on the other. You benefit by having legal representation that complements and supplements, rather than collides with, the other financial or business professionals on your team. In fact, accountants and financial advisors have become one of our primary sources of client referrals and yours may have already worked with us.

At the same time, wisdom is knowing one’s limitations.  Though we act as the primary legal contact point for many, if not most, of our clients, we know the boundaries of our effectiveness. When your legal matter lies outside our self-imposed range of practice, we pride ourselves on getting our clients the best representation in such areas, unlike most large general practice firms, where you will no doubt be referred for such matters internally, whether or not they excel in such practice areas. Whether you operate a large or small business; need tax representation or estate planning; want to create, maintain or acquire a business; need to wind your business down or sell it, desire business succession planning, you owe yourself the benefits of a consultation with  Irvin Rigsby PLC.

Partner with us for financial prosperity

Irvin Rigsby PLC—attorneys articulate in the dialects of law, finance and business.

Your legal, business and financial interests are unique. Never settle for legal services for your financial or business needs from counsel who doesn’t understand finance or business. Consult with attorneys capable of adding to the quality of your business or other financial interests. Call Irvin Rigsby PLC at 859-233-4633 in Lexington, Kentucky, or open a dialogue with our contact page. Do it today. Your business and financial interests deserve our attention.

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